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Common Symptoms

For 85% of women, symptoms are part of the menopause transition. These roughly 34 symptoms vary in every way imaginable: type, frequency, intensity, duration, and timing. Learn more about the most common symptoms -- why they happen, when you might expect them, and what you can do to manage them.

The science

Hormones are our bodies’ movers and shakers, playing a role in almost every cell and function. They impact every body system and are like musicians in a symphony, playing together in harmony. Estrogen alone affects 100+ parts of our body, from our vagina to our skin to our blood vessels…and a lot in between. Among other things, progesterone plays a role in relaxation and sleep and testosterone is key to our libido. And to complicate matters, these hormones affect other hormones that affect other processes. 

So what happens to our wonderfully harmonious symphony as these hormone levels start to shift and fluctuate during the menopause transition? Things get out of tune, pitch may change, the tempo is off, and we can feel it — sometimes a little, and sometimes way too much. And to make it more fun (note sarcasm here), symptoms evolve over time, so they can come, go, or even hang around for the duration. Welcome to the menopause transition!

The good news: Elektra has broken it all down for you, symptom by symptom. We explain the science so you can understand why symptoms occur and more importantly, what you can do to manage them with lifestyle, supplements, hormone replacement therapy, and other integrative practices. And we do it in a way that’s easy to digest, so you can take action today.

Use this as a source you can reference along your menopause journey. Consider this to be your menopause playbook, or as we like to call it, your 21st Century Guide to Menopause.


"Embrace it, all of it! The good and not so good. It's part of life and means that you're still here, living and experiencing what life brings you."

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