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The Comedian Margaret Cho

Stand-up comedian, actress, & singer-songwriter

Margaret Cho

What Margaret wants you to know about menopause:
“Menopause is a gateway drug...It puts you into another world where you don’t give a sh*t. You’re more confident and you really hone into what’s important. It opens up your mind.”

Margaret Cho calls menopause her gateway drug to happiness. The award-winning comedian is no stranger to the hard realities and societal implications about being an aging woman, but she’s not letting life in her 50s slow her down. In fact, she’s doing the opposite; shattering norms, tearing down myths about aging while reclaiming a new sense of freedom in her life, and hyping women up along the way. Her secret to thriving in her 50s? Tapping into your queen energy, building your own standards around beauty, and being comfortable with yourself. “It’s a very rewarding and exciting time, where life begins to make sense. I think it’s because you’re more comfortable with yourself,” Margaret shares. “It’s not about what other people are saying about you but what you are saying about yourself and to yourself,” Margaret says, calling it something to “cultivate and look forward to.” She even has advice for her 26-year old self: “When you’re my age, you’ll regret every minute you spent worrying about weight,” she writes. “So please, for me, appreciate your youthful beauty, and stop spending so much of your time and your power trying to pursue a body that isn’t going to be the thing that makes you happy anyway.”

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