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5 Badass Influencers Over 50

Sep 01, 2021

In case you're in need of some inspiration (note that we didn't say "convincing"), we're sharing 5 badass Instagram influencers over 50 who seem to be living their best lives, no ifs, ands, or buts!


5 Ways to Enjoy the End of Summer

We hope you're having a lovely, relaxing summer filled with good company, delicious food, and blissful, 7+ hour sleep! It's hard to believe that September is already around the corner...but thankfully there's still time to take advantage of the sunny weeks to come. Just don't forget your SPF!


Your prescription for dance

It's time to put on your dancing shoes! A new study from NAMS (the North American Menopause Society) suggests that dancing can improve cholesterol levels, fitness, and self-image in postmenopausal women.


Welcome to the Sore Boobs Club

Breasts feeling sore? Tender? Just kind of...bleh? Welcome to the Sore Boobs Club™ Take off your bra, and grab a seat!

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