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Pour one out...

Apr 28, 2021

Navigating menopause and alcohol can be a sensitive, complex, and personal topic. But it's also an important one. So, in honor of National Alcohol Awareness Month, we partnered with Tempest, an alcohol recovery program founded by the awesome Holly Whitaker to explore the intersection of menopause and alcohol and hear from real women about their lived experiences.


A conversation with Norma Kamali

We spoke with the one and only Norma Kamali: fashion icon and author of I am Invincible, a handbook for women through each decade of their lives. As a woman in her 70s with a lifelong passion for wellness, Norma has a wealth of wisdom that she shared with us. Read on for highlights from our conversation on the menopause transformation, aging with power, and more!


3 kickass women take on menopause

There's nothing we love more than watching intelligent, inspiring, kickass women smash the menopause taboo. 💥 Last week, a founding member of Elektra's clinical team, Jackie Giannelli, was a guest on Amy Schmidt's Fearlessly Facing Fifty Live Show, alongside the wonderful Stacy London. In case you didn't catch the live event, we pulled some of our favorite quotes.


Hot flashes in Conference Room M

What does it mean to be menopausal in the workplace in 2021? Access to a portable fan in the conference room? Open conversations about hot flashes with your male coworkers? Sweating through your clothes as you struggle to think of that one damn word during your very, very important meeting? With the wave of companies like Edelman, Santander Bank, and Vodafone integrating menopause company policies, it's about time we ask each other these questions.


Our top 5 picks for your summer reading list

No, it's not technically summer yet. But with the world slowly opening up, things are starting to feel a little bit sunnier. So, we've gathered 5 Elektra-approved books for your summer reading list to keep you entertained, motivated, and educated!


3 menopause symptoms you've never heard of

Everyone knows the big players in the menopause game: hot flashes, mood changes, and libido issues. But, let's not let them hog the spotlight! Here are 3 of the 34 symptoms of menopause that you may not know about.

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