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Elektra isn’t just a company, it’s a community of taboo-smashing women coming together to connect, learn from & support one another. It’s where stories are shared and life-changing conversation is had. We envision a world where every woman lives a bold and thriving menopause.


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Navigating fertility and menopause
On demand

Navigating the Intersection of Fertility & Menopause

December 2020 • watch recording

Dive deep with Dr. Cindy Duke and Omisade Burney-Scott into our relationships with sleep, sex, self-advocacy, representation, and the opportunity to be who we want to be in this next phase of life.

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Woman holding an artichoke and smiling
On demand

Eat Well, Be Well with Kristen Coffield

October 2020 • watch recording

Ease the hormonal transition during menopause and beyond through an anti-inflammatory diet & lifestyle. Kristen Coffield, author of the Culinary Cure, will teach you how!

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On demand

Supplements & (Peri)menopause: What's in your medicine cabinet?

September 2020 • watch recording

Dr. Barbieri, OBGYN and integrative medicine expert, discusses supplements and how they can help manage symptoms of (peri)menopause.

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#TabooSmasher Spotlight


“I think the idea that for women, as we age, have all these problems that need to be fixed is such bullshit. We are superheroes! Truly.”

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Women in menopause have been sidelined for far too long. By owning and celebrating our stories, we shift the narrative. We want to hear your story!

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