Weekly Hot Topic: Curiosity is Good for Your Health (1/6/2020)

Updated: May 12, 2020

FACT: Only five (known) species on the planet experience menopause: killer whales, belugas, pilot whales, narwhales and...you guessed it, humans. Academics have proposed various theories for this evolutionary trait, but we've got our own: menopause is not an ending, but instead the start of a deeply valuable, unique and profound chapter of a woman's life. 

The average American woman will spend over 1/3 of her life "post-menopause". In this next chapter,  use your curiosity to fill the pages with activities that bring joy. Your health will thank you: studies show that picking up a new hobby can lower blood pressure, reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), decrease waist circumference (researcher’s words, not ours!), and more. 

It's never too late to pursue that childhood dream. Women 55 and over are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce. This growth doesn't always come easy (read why Gen Xers have a particularly tough time), but these eight women prove that it's possible to pursue the career of your dreams after 50.

How will you spend your next chapter?

Healthy Obsessions*

  • MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE: Magnesium supports deep, restorative sleep by maintaining healthy GABA levels (a sleep-related neurotransmitter). 

  • SLEEP SOUNDS: Sleep meditation is an effective, Elektra-team favorite for restless nights. No side effects, just snoozes. 

* We’re not paid to feature these products. We just like them and think you may like them too. 


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Each breakfast is limited to 15 attendees, so grab a spot for you and a friend today! 


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