Weekly Hot Topic: 50 Is The New … Whatever You Want It to Be (3/6/20)

Updated: May 12

50 can be the new 30, the new 50, the new… whatever you want.  We’re living, working and exploring longer than ever, and that’s a trend on the rise. Case in point: a baby born today has a 50% chance of living to 105. While Millennials drive the headlines, the 50+ demographic drives the US economy: contributing $8.3T in 2018. According to AARP, 50+ buyers represent the 3rd largest economy in the world, behind the US and China.  Purchasing power aside, we’re here to celebrate the inner-knowing and self-determination that comes with accumulated years. In the words of Jane Fonda, if women “...go back and redefine ourselves and become whole, this will create a cultural shift in the world...” With that, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month with a selection of culture-shifters and trailblazers redefining 50+ in 2020:



  1. 100 WOMEN OF THE YEAR Time's interactive 100 Women of the Year gives us wings (and a serotonin burst). Who was WotY when you were born!?

  2. SHOWER CRAYONS More kid recommended than MD-recommended, but great for capturing brilliant inspiration - or just doodling - in the tub. Genius.

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