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Key Stages

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Key Stages

The menopause transition is made up of three distinct stages: perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. Each stage is marked by a shift in hormones that can result in a variety of symptoms. Learn more about these stages, and what you might expect as you transition through them.

The science

Often simply referred to as “menopause,” the hormonal transition is actually three stages.


Literally meaning “around menopause,” this is the time when hormones start shifting and changing, periods become erratic, and symptoms first emerge.
 Average age: early 40’s – 51yrs.


A point in time (in actuality, one calendar day) when a woman hasn’t had a period for 12 months. It can also result from a medical condition or surgery. Average age: 51


Everything after the day of menopause. Hormone levels tend to even out, but at a lower ebb. Women spend up to ½ of their lives in this postmenopause phase.

This transition is something that every woman will experience, and for most, the process happens when it happens (i.e. usually starts in your 40s, but may happen earlier or later), and as for what symptoms you might experience…you’ll know them when you feel them (i.e. you may feel just a few symptoms or you may feel many). How’s that for living on the edge? While the whole situation can be tough to predict, we do have a couple of things on our side: knowledge and preparation. 

By understanding the stages of menopause, you’ll be better aware and more prepared should symptoms pop up. And if they do, rest assured there are evidenced-based solutions — from lifestyle change to medicine — to manage them. If, like many women in this phase of life, you feel off-balance/out-of-sorts/like an alien invaded your body, you can absolutely take charge and regain ownership over your life. And Elektra’s here to help. 


"I think menopause is a portal from one iteration of yourself to the next."

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