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Elektra #MenopauseMonday Spotlight with Erika Shannon (Movement Coach & Fitness Professional)

Erika Shannon (Movement Coach & Fitness Professional) quote

The woman behind this gorgeous smile is Erika Shannon (@erikashannonmovement), a movement coach, fitness trainer, mentor and mom. When perimenopause hit 😒 Erika learned to make adjustments to her daily habits to find a new rhythm.

Today’s Elektra #MenopauseMonday spotlight is a Q&A with Erika, who reminds us of the importance of staying active.

Our new mantra: KEEP MOVING! 🙌 We’re curious, what’s the one thing you won’t give, up Elektra Empresses?

Elektra: What’s something that’s surprised you or that you’ve learned as you enter peri/menopause?

Erika: I learned that perimenopause can last 8-10 years! I actually thought my doctor was joking when she told me. I had this idea in my head that you just one day stop getting your period and that’s it. The ramp up to that, as it turns out, is much longer- and sucks!

Elektra: How do you cope?

Erika: I try to get great sleep, drink a lot of water, and just started taking a few new supplements two months ago. I’m trying to alleviate my symptoms as much as I can. But it also REALLY helps to know I’m not alone in this journey. I’m also listening to podcasts with some naturopathic doctors to understand what my hormones are doing. It helps.

Since I’ve started feeling the symptoms of perimenopause, I have given up caffeine, and recently gave up soy protein. I cut down on alcohol, but I don’t see myself giving that up totally. I would give up dairy before that for sure!

Elektra: What’s something you wish you could tell your younger self or other women?

Erika: That’s a tough one. I would tell my younger self to cherish the body she’s in, and all the miracles it holds. I think I took it for granted when it was so regulated! Haha! I would tell other women what I tell myself every day- we are doing our best. Some days are better than others, and if you feel like something is off, go get checked out by your doctor just to make sure.

Elektra: How can the Elektra community support YOU?!

Erika: Oh my gosh just by creating a community around this phase of life, it helps. Encouragement is everything. Finding people who understand is a comfort.

Elektra: Anything else?

Erika: I am learning that now more than ever is the time to listen to your body, but KEEP MOVING no matter what. One day it might be a killer cycling class, and the next day a walk around the block. But always keep moving. It lifts the spirit and does the body good. And it’s something you CAN control!

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Updated: Sep 25, 2019