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#TabooSmasher Spotlight: Liz Silcock, crossfitter

Liz Silcock, crossfitter

Liz is a 62-year-old retired mom of two kids and two grandchildren. While she loves to travel, CrossFit is the main focus in her life. She trains five days a week with her sisters and her youngest son. She loves sharing her achievements with her sister, Elana Findlow, on their Instagram, @ggs_sistas, and showing women over 60 training and having fun!

Where are you in your hormonal health journey?


What’s one word or phrase that comes to mind when you think of menopause?

Hot flashes.

Which menopause symptoms have you experienced?

I’ve experienced bloating, brain fog, dizziness, irritated skin, heart palpitations, hot flashes, incontinence, irregular periods, night sweats, sleep disruptions, and tingling extremities.

We know menopause can be challenging, but it can also be funny, enlightening, liberating, energizing, and more. Do you have an anecdote or reflection that shows another side of menopause, beyond what we’re conditioned to “fear” as women?

The best thing about menopause is no more periods (and no more sugar cravings). There isn’t a time of the month when you feel irritated and annoyed by everyone and feel like you could actually hurt someone. You don’t have to hover around the bathroom due to leakages or stay in bed because of painful stomach pains. Plus, all the money you save on sanitary products is an added bonus!

“I just wish I had known more about menopause and had been able to recognize the symptoms.”

What helped you throughout your hormonal health journey?

The brain fog is really annoying and frustrating and doesn’t seem to improve. I’ve found that the less I stressed about it and the more I tried to visualize what I was thinking or wanting to say, the more I was able to explain or remember a simple task or conversation.

Is there anything you wish your younger self would have known? Or do you have words of advice for women starting their journey?

I just wish I had known more about menopause and had been able to recognize the symptoms. At the time, I just expected that there would be hot flashes, night sweats, and nothing more. I also didn’t learn that there are three stages of menopause until I recently listened to a podcast on menopause symptoms and signs.