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Elektra #MenopauseMonday Spotlight with Cathy Williamson (Founder of The Middle Page)

Cathy Williamson (Founder, The Middle Page) quote

We first connected with Cathy Williamson via Instagram, where her inspiring profile @themiddlepageblog showed us a woman who is not afraid to live life to the fullest, and to look damn good while doing it!

When Cathy isn’t writing for her smart and sophisticated fashion blog The Middle Page, she’s a fierce and outspoken advocate for breast cancer survivors. Cathy speaks from personal experience – chemotherapy from her own breast cancer treatments sent her into pre-mature menopause. That balloon she’s holding in her picture? It’s in honor of her six year “Cancerversary”, which she celebrated earlier this month.

Thank you, Cathy, for everything you do to encourage women to live well and for sharing your hormonal health journey with the Elektra Community. You are an inspiration!

  1. Name: Cathy Williamson
  2. Location: Dallas, TX
  3. Age: 58 years old
  4. What’s your “day job”: My day job is my blog.
  5. What’s your superpower? My superpower is being a cancer survivor!
  6. Female figure (living or dead) you admire the most and why? The female figure I admire most is my friend Tova Sido (@tova.sido). She is the most amazing woman and the best person I know. She buried 3 babies within a few years, adopted 3 children from Africa, went through a divorce, lost her mom, and is the godliest woman I know. She started a podcast called “The Remedy” with Tova Sido to help people in their daily lives.
  7. What’s the one vice you just won’t give up? My vice is red wine. I love the taste!
  8. What phase of your hormonal health are you in? I went through menopause during chemotherapy for breast cancer. I had no idea that chemo threw you into menopause.
  9. What’s been the most challenging part of your (peri)menopausal journey? The hardest part of menopause for me was the pre-menopause phase. I had severe night sweats for years!
  10. What’s something you’ve learned or that has helped you? I’ve learned through cancer that living your life to the fullest is THE most important piece of the pie! You never know what is around the corner and living your life with purpose and gusto is key! Don’t take anything for granted!
  11. What’s one positive aspect of this new phase of life? Not caring so much what people think of me is a positive aspect of aging!
  12. What inspires you? My faith, family, and friends are what inspires me!
  13. Anything else you’d like to share with the Elektra community?! I would say to the Elektra community to be sure and live life to the fullest. Try not to miss out on the little and the big. Life is so very precious and it can be gone in a nano-second.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019