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Hot flashes in Conference Room M

What does it mean to be menopausal in the workplace in 2021?

Access to a portable fan in the conference room? Open conversations about hot flashes with your male coworkers? Sweating through your clothes as you struggle to think of that one damn word during your very, very important meeting?

With the wave of companies like Edelman, Santander Bank, and Vodafone integrating menopause company policies, it’s about time we ask each other these questions.

According to a study by Vodafone with over 5K employees, 62% of women experienced menopause symptoms that impacted their work, 33% hid their symptoms, and 50% felt that there was a stigma around menopause.

Yet, when the question, “Should all workplaces offer employees menopause leave?” is asked, responses vary. Some women wholeheartedly embrace the idea. Others strongly believe that menopause should remain a private matter and are fearful that these policies will result in more discrimination and ageism.

The decision of how to navigate menopause in the workplace will always be a personal one. But, with one in four women considering leaving the workplace because of menopause, it’s clear our current workplace policies do not suffice. This is not “just” a moral issue: academics have estimated that menopause costs American employers $770 in productivity losses per menopausal woman/year. In extreme cases, this can run as high as $6,500 per woman/year!

Our call to arms:

At Elektra, we’re excited to lead the charge to give women the support they need in order to thrive. Every woman deserves resources and an inclusive environment in which to navigate her hormonal health.

More and more companies in the UK have been conducting research and advocating for workplace menopause policies. We need to do better by the roughly 50 million American women currently in menopause and the 2.2M woman entering menopause every year. It’s time to challenge companies to implement menopause policies and advocate for research that analyzes the full impact of menopause in the workplace.

And we call on you, our incredible community of women, to support us in smashing the menopause taboo, in the workplace and beyond. Let’s get to work 💪


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