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Back to Basics: Menopause ✏️

It’s 3 am. Your body decides to wake you up with a hot flash/leg cramp/heart palpitations. You grab your phone for a quick Google search, typing, “Is this normal…” 50 opened tabs later, you find yourself scanning an outdated menopause study from the ’80s, knee-deep in WebMD articles.

You look at the clock. How the hell is it 4 am already?!

Raise your hand if you’ve been here.

With a world of information on menopause at our fingertips, finding reliable, medically-accurate facts, advice, and treatment options can be overwhelming as hell. So, we’re going back to the basics!

Check out our brand new Perimenopause 101 and Menopause 101 guides for facts, figures, and expert tips from leaders in the field (no pseudoscience allowed).

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Check out out our Menopause 101 guide

#TabooSmasher Spotlight

Margit Detweiler, Founder and Editor of TueNight, a storytelling platform for Gen-X women – or in Margit’s words: “grown-ass ladies.”

Sharing our stories is essential to smashing the menopause taboo. We interviewed over 15 badass women in our community about their menopause journeys. Read Margit’s story!

What Else We’re Reading

This is why we need to normalize menopause: 1/3 of women hid their menopause symptoms at work, according to a survey of over 5,000 women in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and South Africa.

“I thought I was losing my mind.” Gabrielle Union opens up about her mental health issues during perimenopause.

Black women’s health experts and activists break down menopause disparities (activist and Elektra community member Omisade Burney-Scott sheds more light on this issue).

A book that uses neuroscience and psychology to convince us to be kinder? Sign us up. 💜

Healthy Obsessions

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Menopause can send your vaginal microbiome into a tailspin. If you experience chronic UTIs, these physician-backed supplements are worth a try.

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