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For Providers

What is Elektra Health?

Elektra is an innovative women’s health company on a mission to smash the menopause taboo. We help women navigate the menopause transition with online access to evidence-based education, coaching and care, and peer support. You can read more about our team and our philosophy here.

What do we offer?
  • Education: Built by board-certified providers, our web-based programs equip women with evidence-based knowledge to make informed and proactive decisions about their health in menopause and beyond.
  • Community: Peer support through private online events and discussions with women’s health experts.
  • Virtual care: Elektra offers secure, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine visits in select states.

How do we work in partnership with providers?

Elektra Health complements women’s health and internal medicine providers and their practices. Menopause education & counseling are vital but time-consuming. When you direct your patients to Elektra, they will:

Gain knowledge

Our 21st Century Guide to Menopause is a free, online resource created by our board certified experts, where your patients can gain evidence-based knowledge about common symptoms and treatments. Our virtual membership-based platform provides deeper educational programming (i.e.  Meno 101 curriculum) and 1:1 chat-based access to trained RN-led menopause guides for counseling and Q&A.

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✅  When your patients are educated, you can spend less time on counseling and more time on decision making during your visits. 

Be ready

After participating in our pilot membership program, 95% of respondents feel educated, empowered, and better able to make informed decisions about menopause management.

✅  When your patients are prepared, they will be able to independently recognize and take proactive steps to manage symptoms – including a visit with their trusted provider – if and when they arise.

Get support

Weekly community sessions (on Zoom) provide peer support, validation, and accountability around goal-setting.

✅  Each of these complement conventional medical care, improves clinical outcomes, and increases overall patient satisfaction. 

Are you ready to smash the taboo with us? 

Get started by recommending Elektra Health and our educational programs to your perimenopausal and menopausal patients!

➡️  Direct your patients to Elektra’s FREE 21st Century Guide to Menopause and invite them to become a member of Elektra’s platform.

We can send you patient-facing materials to have on hand in clinic so sharing evidence-based resources can be done on the spot.

➡️  Apply to be included in Elektra’s Preferred Provider Referral Network.

As we all know, not everything can or should be addressed online (i.e., pelvic exams!). We talk to women every day who are interested in local, in-person care and look to us for trustworthy referrals.

And as we also all know, menopause care is a team sport. We are always looking for other exceptional providers with which to collaborate. When you apply and are accepted for our Ambassador program, you will featured in our Preferred Provider Referral Network. Additionally, you can be considered for other opportunities to work together through professional collaborations and internal opportunities.

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