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Happy Hot Flash Day! (just kidding…kinda)

Today’s a big day for us at Elektra Health — World Menopause Day!!

And while one day of awareness is not NEARLY enough time to shed the stimga that still surrounds menopause, it’s a start.

We’ve been shouting this from the rooftop for almost 3 years now, and we’ll keep saying it until meaningful change occurs: 50 million women are currently navigating menopause in the US. While this transition is a universal female experience, it’s shrouded in stigma, shame, and secrecy. It’s affecting our personal and professional lives, and it needs to change. Because we deserve better.

To that end, we’re proud to share our Ultimate Guide To Menopause In The Workplace, which contains information on:

  • How this transition impacts women’s professional lives
  • Resources to help you support the health & wellness of your female employees (or share with your HR team)
  • Information on how Elektra can support your efforts to bring menopause awareness & benefits to the workplace


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mooas Cube Timer

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Elektra in the ~wild~

Elektra co-founder Jannine Versi was featured on Business of the V podcast to talk about how menopause affects women in the workplace and what we can do to help them. Listen here!

Members of Mass General Brigham Health share what they love most about having access to Elektra’s platform. (We’re blushing!)

Shout-out to Guidewire Software for inviting us to host an informative webinar on health and hormones at work — over 130 participants attended to help get educated and smash taboos around menopause.

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