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Music Therapy and Menopause

Mature woman with wireless headphones on_Elektra Health

The next time you feel a mood swing coming on? Try turning up the music. 🎶

A recent study from the Hitit University Faculty of Health Sciences in Turkey analyzed the effect of music therapy on postmenopausal women. Researchers presented participants with the choice of three Turkish classical music pieces and instructed them to listen to their favorite for 15 minutes per day over the course of six weeks.

The findings were significant: the women who received music therapy showed a decrease in menopause symptoms and depression. Although the study included a relatively small number of participants, additional research supports the numerous health benefits of music therapy on issues including depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and even cancer treatment.

Elektra-approved music & audio recommendations to get you feeling calm & collected

Classical music

Studies show that classical music, specifically, can decrease cortisol levels, lower blood pressure, and boost our dopamine. Click here to listen to a soothing Debussy playlist to transport you a mental island of peace.

Menopause-specific tunes

The topic of hot flashes, and brain fog, and sleep issues (or any of the other 30+ symptoms of menopause) may not seem like reasons to dance, but we’re loving this menopause support playlist on Spotify.

Music therapy is not just limited to listening to music. It can also involve making music and writing songs to provide catharsis. If you want to get inspired by the badass menopausal women musically smashing the menopause taboo, check out the Menopause Rhapsody by Shirley Serban and Good Morning Menopausal Friends by Donna Simpson.

Binaural beats

Binaural beats, a type of music/sound that use two tones that are slightly different in frequency, can help with relaxation. Subscribe to this playlist or check out this video on YouTube.

Music therapy

We’re big fans of Spiritune, an app which combines music therapy and neuroscience. Select how you feel (anxious, lethargic, energetic, etc), then how you want to feel. From there, you’ll receive personalized, science-driven playlists to help you reach your emotional goals.