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Let's smash the menopause taboo, together.

50 million women are currently navigating menopause in the US. While this transition is a universal female experience, it's shrouded in stigma, shame, and secrecy — and it's affecting our personal and professional lives. It's time to change the narrative, because we deserve better.

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1/5 women consider leaving their job due to menopause, with menopause-related productivity losses costing companies $810 billion a year. Join a community of leading organizations supporting women in the workplace at every stage of life.

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Real women, real stories

Speaking up and out is the first step to changing the menopause narrative. We love highlighting our community members' stories, showing us there’s nothing “one-size-fits-all” about menopause.

OMISADE B. | Community Member

“I think menopause is a portal from one iteration of yourself to the next.”

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SIOBHAN D. | Community Member

"Embrace it, all of it! The good and not so good. It's part of life and means that you're still here, living and experiencing what life brings you."

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Smashing the taboo starts with science.

Meet Elektra’s team of board-certified doctors & nurse practitioners.

Anna Barbieri

Anna Barbieri


Dr. Barbieri is a board-certified gynecologist, integrative medicine physician, and a specialist in menopause certified by the North American Menopause Society. She is an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science at Mount Sinai Health System and is a member of the Mount Sinai Excellence in Gynecology menopause program.

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Jacqueline Giannelli


Jacqueline Giannelli is a board-certified family nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health with a special focus in menopause, urogynecology, and women's sexual health. Jacqueline is a North American Menopause Society-certified practitioner and Assistant Medical Director at Maze Women’s Health. She earned her nursing degrees at NYU and San Francisco State University, and BA from Georgetown University. Jacqueline enjoys tennis, hiking, cooking for her family, and hunting for treasures in New York City.

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Elizabeth Poynor


Dr. Poynor is a gynecologic oncologist and advanced pelvic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in menopause, sexual health, and cancer. She is a graduate of Princeton University and UPenn, and holds a PhD in cell biology and genetics from Cornell. Previously, she served as Director of Translational Research for the Gynecology Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where she also completed her fellowship training. Dr. Poynor enjoys rock music, creative cooking, and experiencing nature through dressage.

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