Take Control Of Your Menopause Journey with In-Network Care

Take Control Of Your Menopause Journey With In-Network Care

No woman should have to navigate menopause alone. With Elektra, you don't have to.

Clinical telemedicine care is now covered by select insurance! Book a visit with a board-certified menopause provider to address your top symptoms and receive labs and prescriptions as needed.

Book a visit with a board-certified menopause provider to address your top symptoms and receive labs and prescriptions as needed. Covered by insurance.

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Elektra is in-network with select health plans

New York

plus select Medicaid & Medicare plans


plus select Medicare plans

An expert-backed experience

Telemedicine Care

30-minute video visit with a board-certified clinician 

Personalized care plan with prescriptions/labs (as needed) 

Follow-up messaging & visits with your care team

Free 2024 membership. Offer available for a limited time!

Elektra Membership

30-minute educational video visit with your Elektra Guide (aka “menopause doula”)

Personalized wellness plan with lifestyle, nutrition & supplement recommendations 

Evidence-based readings & recs on symptoms, HRT & more

A supportive community & member-only virtual events

Unlimited chat messaging & ongoing support from your Elektra Guide

How Elektra works

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Take a menopause assessment

Identify your top symptoms and burning menopause questions.

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Meet with a menopause expert

Elektra's women's health experts provide the medical care & support you deserve.

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Get ongoing support

Access MD-vetted educational resources, virtual events & a private community.

"Finding providers that are up to date on menopause relief has been the absolute hardest to navigate. [Elektra is] truly personal and caring. No hard sales, no fad treatments. It was purely about finding out what I needed."

"Elektra is the first provider out of many I've tried who has helped me feel valued, heard, and has actually helped me to find some answers and a path forward."

"I am so grateful I took a chance and signed up. This has been great for both my mental health and physical health."

"Normalizing menopause has been the best part for me. In just a few short weeks, I have a more positive outlook."

There’s only 1 menopause specialist

for every 32,000 U.S. women

Elektra is on a mission to expand access to high-quality menopause care covered by insurance.

Clinical Care

Plus FREE 2024 membership!

What's included:

  • 30-min initial virtual visit with a board-certified clinician
  • Personalized care plan with labs & prescriptions as needed
  • Ongoing support & follow-up visits with your care team
  • A complimentary 2024 Elektra membership

Initial visit:

Billed through select insurance. You’re only responsible for your copay.

HSA/FSA eligible

2024 membership:

$360 FREE for a limited time

Meet Elektra's team of board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners

Jacqueline Giannelli, FNP-BC, NCMP

Jacqueline Giannelli is a board-certified family nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health with a focus in menopause, urogynecology, and women's sexual health. She is certified by The Menopause Society (formerly NAMS).

Nora Lansen, MA, MD

Nora Lansen is a primary care physician with a breadth of experience in healthcare from her time at One Medical and Galileo Health. She earned her BA from Johns Hopkins and MD from New York Medical College.

Ready to get empowered in your menopause journey?

Book an in-network visit to get educated & empowered about your menopause journey alongside other badass, taboo-smashing women.

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What do you treat?

Elektra providers can treat most menopause symptoms, including hot flashes, sleep concerns, fatigue, vaginal dryness/painful sex, and more.

How does Elektra evaluate and treat menopause?

Elektra follows an integrative, evidence-based approach closely adhering to guidelines set forth by The Menopause Society (formerly The North American Menopause Society). This includes the use of FDA-approved hormonal and non-hormonal medications. Our providers are also versed in evidence-based integrative approaches (e.g., supplements and lifestyle interventions).

Does Elektra just prescribe hormonal treatment? Or non-hormonal as well?

Elektra providers can prescribe both hormonal AND non-hormonal prescription treatments as well as evidence-backed supplements.

Why is membership important in menopause care?

Menopause is complicated! And most of us (through no fault of our own) simply aren’t aware of what’s happening to our body during this transition. Most providers lack any training in menopause and others simply don’t spend time on it during a visit. Elektra is different. All Elektra patients get assigned a care team with a board-certified clinician AND a Guide. This way, you can get the holistic and ongoing care and support you deserve.