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We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to invest in your well-being by joining Elektra’s 21-Day Program to Tame Hot Flashes. In the next three weeks, you’ll gain practical tools and actionable tips to cool down, control flashes, and get back to you again.

Program Values & Expectations:

Elektra programs foster safe spaces for women to share what’s really going on without fear of judgment. 


  1. Confidentiality – All conversations in this group are strictly confidential. 

  2. Openness – There is no question, thought, or feedback that hasn’t been asked already (and one of your peers likely has the same question!). 

  3. Growth – By joining our community, you commit to an open mind to new approaches and mindset.

  4. Generosity – Be generous with your time and story, and we will collectively benefit.

  5. Respect - Please be respectful of others' bravery in sharing their stories.

Program Schedule:

Wednesday evenings, 7:00 – 8:00pm ET on Zoom

  • July 15  

  • July 22

  • July 29

We ask that you:​

  • Join each workshop on time

  • Turn your camera ON

  • Come ready to actively participate


We’ve found that these simple steps help foster engaging & meaningful discussion with your fellow participants & Elektra’s expert. We can’t wait to meet you!

Meet Your Expert:

Anna Barbieri 

Dr. Barbieri completed her undergraduate studies at Colgate University, obtained her medical degree from SUNY Syracuse and completed residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she currently serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor. Dr. Barbieri is a Fellow at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, and a Certified Practitioner at the North American Menopause Society. She specializes in hormonal health and the menopausal transition.


Links & Passwords:

Elektra Team Contact:


Email us:

Text us: 646.760.6669


Welcome Packet & Workbook [Download]:

Click on the image below to view and download your personal Welcome Packet & Workbook, which includes:

  • Important information about the program

  • 3-week hot flash/night sweats trigger journal

  • Action Planning Guide

  • and more....


You’ll want to print your workbook and fill it in with a pen (yes, it’s low-tech but is actually proven to help with habit-formation!).


Workshop Slides:


Audio Recordings:


​Listen to short recordings created by our medical experts on the top science you need to know to beat hot flashes. 

Hot Flashes 101 

  • Listen to the Audio Guide 

Hot Flashes 101Elektra Health
00:00 / 07:04

HRT 101 

  • Listen to the Audio Guide 

HRT 101Elektra Health
00:00 / 11:30

 Resources & Readings:

Watch this space - we’ll post new resources here throughout the 21-day program!

Day 13

Medical experts say HRT is safe and effective for menopause symptoms, including hot flashes and night sweats. Created by Elektra’s medical experts👩🏾‍⚕️👩🏽‍🔬 🩺, our short audio guide explains more about the benefits and risks. Click below (and don’t miss the summary guide that goes with it).

HRT 101Elektra Health
00:00 / 11:30

Day 10

Happy Friday! How’s your “small change” going this week? 

Reminder: make 4-7-8 breathing your secret key to calming hot flashes this weekend. Cool your flashes in under 2 minutes ⏱ from anywhere. A refresher on how to do it in the link.

Day 9

Avoiding your trigger foods (you promise to track them this week, right?) can significantly lessen hot flashes. 

Add these menopause-friendly recipes to your repertoire to ward off flashes and sweats – and still enjoy a delicious dinner. (We’ve included snacks, too!)🥗

Day 3

You are not alone! Up to 80% of women get hot flashes during menopause.♨️ But dietary supplements can help. 
Our experts have created a helpful what-to-know audio guide (think mini-podcast) at the link below. Don’t miss the printable summary that goes with it.

Hot Flashes 101Elektra Health
00:00 / 07:04

Day 5

Giving yourself a pep talk isn’t just a temporary confidence booster. Neuroscience research suggests it can actually rewire your brain 🧠. Learn how to love yourself a little more this weekend at the link below. 😘

Day 2

Great session last night! For a quick review of the hot flash pro tips we discussed last night, check out the link below -- and start enjoying a cooler, calmer summer.

Day 1

Fewer, less disruptive hot flashes and night sweats?

Totally possible. It begins with knowing what’s going on NOW, so be sure you’re filling out your trigger journal ✏️. Click the link below to review program materials & download the Workbook.

PRO TIP: We recommend putting the tracker in a visible spot (next to your bed, on the fridge) and setting a reminder at a specific time each day. Next week, we’ll share findings, look for patterns, and plan next steps for hot flash relief. 

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